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Located in the vibrant city of London, Erotic Nuru Massage is a premier destination for those seeking an intimate and sensual experience. This unique massage parlor specializes in the traditional Japanese art of Nuru massage, a technique that involves a masseuse using a special seaweed-based gel to glide her naked body over yours, providing a deeply erotic and relaxing experience. At Erotic Nuru Massage, the focus is on delivering a personalized and pleasurable journey. Each session is tailored to the individual's needs and desires, ensuring a unique encounter every time. The masseuses are not only highly skilled in Nuru techniques but also come from diverse backgrounds, offering a wide range of experiences to choose from. Whether you prefer the touch of a busty brunette, a petite blonde, a fiery Brazilian, a sexy Asian, an exotic European, or a beautiful Black girl, Erotic Nuru Massage has you covered. In addition to the traditional Nuru massage, Erotic Nuru Massage also offers a variety of other sensual massages. These include the tantalizing Four Hands massage, the spiritual Tantric massage, and the fun Bubble Bath massage. For those who crave a more sensory experience, Aromatherapy Oils massages are also available, using scented oils to awaken different senses and enhance the overall experience. Couples are also welcome at Erotic Nuru Massage. A couple's massage can be a unique and exciting way to connect with your partner, adding a new level of intimacy to your relationship. Despite being a sensual experience, Erotic Nuru Massage maintains a professional and respectful environment. The massages are meant to be highly erotic, but they do not involve sexual services. However, they can serve as an exciting form of foreplay for couples. With private rooms, 24/7 service, private parking, and a discreet entry, Erotic Nuru Massage ensures a safe and private experience for all guests. Located conveniently in the city center, this massage parlor is easily accessible and welcomes everyone seeking a unique and sensual journey. Embark on an unforgettable journey of pleasure and relaxation with Erotic Nuru Massage, where your fantasies come to life.
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  • Cash
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  • Private Rooms
  • 24/7 Service
  • Private Parking
  • Discreet Entry
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  • City Center
  • Everyone Welcome
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Sebastian Stark
3 months ago
The service was given cheerfully.
Jack Thompson
8 months ago
Incredible encounter!
11 months ago
I would suggest it to others.
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