About Moulin Rouge
Located in the heart of Mainz, Germany, Moulin Rouge is a captivating destination that offers an exhilarating fusion of adult entertainment and nightlife. This budget-friendly venue is easily accessible with nearby parking, and its welcoming ambiance ensures that everyone feels comfortable and at ease. Moulin Rouge is renowned for its late-night operations, making it an ideal spot for those seeking an exciting after-hours experience. The venue is equipped with security on premises, thereby ensuring a safe and secure environment for all its patrons. Serving as a bar as well, Moulin Rouge offers a wide range of beverages, catering to diverse tastes. Whether you prefer a refreshing beer or a sophisticated cocktail, the bar at Moulin Rouge is sure to satisfy your cravings. As a cash-based venue, Moulin Rouge ensures smooth transactions without the hassle of card payments. This makes it even more appealing for those who prefer dealing in cash for their transactions. In essence, Moulin Rouge is a vibrant and thrilling venue that offers an unforgettable adult experience in Mainz. Its combination of a lively bar, late-night operations, and a secure environment makes it a must-visit destination for those seeking an adventurous night out.
Pricing and Payment Options:
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Cash
Comforts and Offerings:
  • Bar
  • Open Late
  • Parking Nearby
Clientele and Location:
  • City Center
  • Everyone Welcome
Safety and Health:
  • Security on Premises
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#1 of 8 Nightclubs in Mainz
Frank G. S.
3 months ago
This is a classic strip joint that could do with a major overhaul. It is conveniently located in the heart of the city. It is run by Italians. The bartender is quite amiable. However, there is a lack of security. The restrooms are newly installed and maintained well. There is a shabby neon sign above the entrance that needs cleaning. The floor in the main area is in a poor state, with visible holes! The furniture has seen better days. The tip dollar system could use some improvements (it needs to be completely revamped. Make tip dollars more valuable). It is confusing for the customers and the dancers are not happy about it. All things considered, Mainz could have a better establishment.
Jim J
4 months ago
Odd location. Would not go back.
Ingo Kaminski
4 months ago
Why bother fussing?
When you visit a nightclub, make sure it is within your budget and bring enough cash, penny pinchers are misplaced here, the ladies are not just there for amusement and are not gratis! This is their profession and unlike you!
They make their livelihood here.
So bear in mind...
Things will go much more smoothly then.
Lil Lith Tattoo Witch
5 months ago
I once had a job there and Maria still has a debt of €1,400 with me. The tax authorities and labor court are already aware.
Do not venture there, you will not encounter any set prices, you will be swindled.
Believe me, I am no longer in the business. I used to be a dancer there and the boss Right Hand Baby.
If you come across this; warm regards Maria, vaffanculo.
To all the girls who are oppressed by the grumpy Indian dinosaur; sprint as quickly as you can in the pleasers. ???
I once worked there, Maria still has to pay me €1,400. The tax office and labor court are already informed.
Do not wander off, you will not see any fixed prices there, they will cheat you.
Trust me, I have quit the store. Used to be a dancer and boss Right Hand Baby.
If you happen to read this; warm greetings Maria, vaffanculo.
To all the girls living in fear of the irritable native American dinosaur; run as fast as you can in the pleasers. ???
* Additional note: Do you honestly think that messaging me in this manner will alter anything in the rating?
luca fabian
8 months ago
Avoid going. They charge 300 euros for a Fürst von Metternich sparkling wine that is worth only 6 euros.
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