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Erospark Sindelfingen (Bordell), located in the heart of Sindelfingen, Germany, is a realm of refined pleasures where your erotic fantasies come to life. With over 50 highly attractive models of diverse nationalities, Erospark offers an array of services that cater to every desire. From tender intimacy to uninhibited passion, visitors are invited to indulge in a world where everything that brings joy and is permissible is included. This adult entertainment venue is not only known for its captivating experiences but also for its comfortable and hygienic environment. The corridors are air-conditioned, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere regardless of the season. For added convenience, guests have access to clean toilets, a shower, and a drinks machine with standard pricing. Erospark Sindelfingen (Bordell) is also known for its accessibility and convenience. With free entry and adventures starting at just $50, it is a budget-friendly choice for those seeking an unforgettable experience. The venue also offers private parking and is located near other parking options, making it easily reachable for local and out-of-town guests. Private rooms at Erospark Sindelfingen (Bordell) offer an intimate setting where guests can fully immerse themselves in their desires. The venue ensures health and safety compliance, guaranteeing a safe environment for everyone. Open late, Erospark Sindelfingen (Bordell) is the perfect place for those seeking a late-night adventure in the realm of eroticism.
Pricing and Payment Options:
  • Free Entry
  • Adventure starts with $50
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Cash
Comforts and Offerings:
  • Private Rooms
  • Open Late
  • Private Parking
  • Parking Nearby
Clientele and Location:
  • Everyone Welcome
Safety and Health:
  • Health & Safety Compliant
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#3 of 3 Brothels in Sindelfingen
Daniel Bălășoiu
2 months ago
In Ordnung
3 months ago
During my visit, I had a terrible experience with Melinda, none of the agreed services were provided! Then I decided to give it another shot with another lady but she was on her period! The memory still gives me chills! Wasted my money twice!
Tamy Tation
4 months ago
The other day, I visited Erospark Sindelfingen with two of my buddies to film a video in their whirlpool room. We were initially met with polite and speedy service, but things quickly went downhill. To our surprise, there were no condoms provided in the room. An employee said they would check on this and return, but after waiting for 10 minutes, a different employee showed up. He was very rude and insisted that we close the curtain in the room.

When we explained our situation, he simply stated that there were no condoms available and suggested we purchase a pack of 100. To make matters worse, the whirlpool was not functioning properly, and he was unable to fix it. He left, promising to return, but when he did, the whirlpool was still not working.

His response to our complaints was that we could leave if we were not satisfied. I felt like this establishment was just trying to scam us. This experience was very off-putting for me as a woman, and it was my first time there!

The lack of customer service and respect was appalling. It's unfortunate that such disrespectful individuals are allowed to interact with customers. The aggressive and intimidating tone was unacceptable.

Firstly, such employees should not be dealing with customers. Secondly, if you are renting out a room, your staff should know how to operate the amenities. Thirdly, the setting would have been perfect for filming, but due to the poor service, I would not recommend this room to anyone.

There are other similar rooms in the vicinity that are priced the same, but with much better service. If this is the attitude of the staff here, I shudder to think what the girls are learning about how to treat customers.

So, there's no need to respond to this comment. Anyone with common sense knows that this place is all about ripping off men. I eagerly await your response, I'm sure it will be an amusing read.

Best regards, TamyTation
Mario Krivić
9 months ago
I like it here. Jenny had a fungal issue, Estrella threw me out, Lina talks rudely over the phone, only Joy is decent, top notch
uwe idler
10 months ago
I visited Erospark Sindelfingen (Bordell) on Tuesday evening with my wife and a buddy, we were there to film a porno in their whirlpool room.
The first staff member we encountered was quite pleasant and friendly, however, the second one acted as if he ruled the world.
I believe it is important to maintain a friendly demeanor when dealing with customers.
And then to make remarks like we should leave, that was it for us. It was our first and will be our last visit.
We were not intoxicated, we each had a beer there. So the employees reasoning was weak, like I mentioned, the first one was courteous, the second one was not from the beginning.
I wish them all the best in their future endeavors.
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