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A Tantric massage at Sitaratantra is a very sensual experience. We massage your body out of a deep love and mindfulness. Gentle strokes, intensive massage strokes, warm oils, feathers, shawls, gentle music make any tension disappear. Each of the masseuses has her own style, just as every human being is individual. A tantric massage invites you to explore yourself. You are actively engaged with yourself. Go into your own pleasure and live in it. Feel your breath, your emotions, let yourself fall, let yourself be accompanied by unforeseen deep feelings, feel yourself! We are pleased when you are ready to surrender, when there can be an unclaimed room for a tantric encounter and we can invite you to experience new pages on you. We like to massage and are with mindfulness and heart. However, to avoid misunderstandings, we would like to point out that this is an energy massage and that there is no invitation to sexual services behind it. Do not ask for more. We thank you for your understanding.
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