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You look at our website and ask yourself, is this really the right address for me? We give you here more than 10 reasons why you are exactly right with us. We have 2 customer parking spaces for you, in the immediate vicinity of the entrance. We’re near the station. Very central, reachable by Trämli in 20 minutes. Stop right in front of the house. 20 minutes walk from the St. Jakob football stadium. On request, we offer you a fine tea from London Tea in Basel. Consultations (approx. 10-15 minutes) before and after the session are included in the price. 95% of our employees are employed and receive all compliant social benefits and are therefore covered in old age. We collect and give experiences since 2008. We stand by our work. Even with our names. We communicate openly and offer 100% tantric bodywork and therapy. We want to go ahead and present our work in the right light. Even if we work on topics below the belt during the session, together with you. We do everything we can to help you in your comfort zone so that you can develop yourself. It is our heart’s desire to support you in your needs and your development. We take responsibility and cultivate a personal sponsorship at World Vision Switzerland with the young Maresh in India. We’re not the biggest. But we do everything to enable you to develop interpersonal, sexually, emotionally and as a person freely, relaxed and authentically. This without peeling aftertaste or remorse. We have been on the market for over 10 years and our experience and professionalism speaks for itself. Remember your time is running and it’s time to do something for you again or finally! Our aim is not to offer you a unique sexual experience. With us you will come closer to this step by step. So that you can enjoy your personal sexuality soon every day. You are welcome to take us at our word. You can trust us. We are happy to answer any unanswered questions and arrange appointments for you.
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